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Reliable Spyware Eliminator Programs

There is an ever-increasing need for spyware eliminator software. Since about 90% of all US household computers are in some way infected with spyware or adware, the spyware removal industry has become a big business. There are several types of spyware that can potentially infiltrate people’s computers: Trojans, Web Bugs, Advertiser software (adware), and Stand-Alone Commercial Computer Monitoring/ Surveillance software. There are a wide selection of programs that are designed to eliminate spyware, such as Ad-Aware, Spybot, Microsoft AntiSpyware, McAfee AntiSpyware, and America Online (AOL) AntiSpyware.

Ad-Aware is one of the top names in the spyware eliminator industry. Their Ad-Aware Personal edition is free of charge, so there are no excuses for not installing it on your personal computer – stay protected! Ad-Aware will scan your system for suspect spy materials, such as data mining, aggressive advertising, and tracking components. Ad-Aware doesn’t just scan your memory; it also scans your registry, hard drive, removable drives, and optical drives for spyware and adware. When you run a scan, review the list of results that are found to be suspicious. Make sure you don’t just delete every item on the list that the spyware eliminator generates – look through each item to be sure that it is something that you do in fact want to eliminate.

Spyware Eliminators Can Defend Your Computer

Another trusted name in the spyware eliminator business is Spybot Search & Destroy. Like Ad-Aware Personal edition, Spybot S & D is free of charge. Spybot works by first scanning your computer system for spyware and adware, and then creating a list of the suspicious files found so that they can be reviewed and eliminated (hence, the name “Serach & Destroy”). This program is very user-friendly, meaning that it is easy to navigate through and understand – even for those who aren’t exceptionally computer-savvy. If you have noticed your computer is running much slower than usual, if you are bombarded with pop-up ads when trying to surf the web, or if your web browser is frequently crashing, you should scan your computer and eliminate the spyware.

Spyware is an ever-growing problem, and therefore, in addition to the use anti-spyware programs and spyware eliminators like Ad-Aware and Spybot, individuals need to be in-the-know about their vulnerability to spyware and adware. Don’t install programs if you don’t have the time to read about what you are actually installing – and always read the End User License Agreement before installing anything. Also, be wary of ActiveX controls, and use a toolbar like Google’s that allows you to block pop-up advertisements.

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