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Adware and Spyware Blockers are Essential Tools

Spyware blockers, also known as spyware protectors, are programs that are designed to guard your computer against the infiltration of spyware. There are several different types of spyware that you have to worry about: Trojans, Web Bugs, Adware and adbot programs, and Stand-Alone Commercial Computer Monitoring/ Surveillance software. Spyware is an immense problem facing today’s internet users, not only because of the annoyance that spyware programs cause (through relentless targeted banner ads and pop-up advertisements), but also because of the fact that spyware is a blatant invasion of personal privacy. While there is no way to ensure that your computer is impenetrable to these villainous spyware companies, there are protective measures, in the form of spyware blockers, which can help reduce your risk for infection.

Pop-up ads are one of the most infuriating innovations of the aggressive spyware industry. This form of spyware, which is often referred to as adware or adbot, work by tracking your spending habits and web visits so that they can mercilessly accost you with a gaggle of pop-up ads every time you try to visit a web site. In fact, some of these adware programs are so invasive that they can actually generate pop-up ads on your computer screen when you aren’t even using the internet. These ads aren’t just a pain in the neck; they’re also a hindrance to your ability to be productive on your computer, especially while you are trying to surf the web. To protect your computer from spyware and adware programs, you should use pop-up and spyware blocker programs made by reliable and trusted companies. Beware: there are a myriad of sneaky spyware companies that operate under the guise that they are anti-spyware companies offering pop-up and spyware blockers.

Spyware Blockers: Toolbars and Programs

Windows XP Service Pack 2 and the Google toolbar are two of the most effective spyware blockers that protect against pop-up ads. Both of these blockers work in a similar way, allowing you to customize your protection settings. When you install the Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Internet Explorer, you can adjust your pop-up settings. To do so, open Internet Explorer, and go to the “Tools” menu, which will drop down another list. From that list, go to “Pop-up Blocker.” From the list that opens under that subcategory, you can select, “Turn On Pop-up Blocker” in order to block pop-up windows or ads from appearing while you surf the web. Since not all pop-ups are advertisements (for example, sometimes websites use pop-up windows so that you can click on an image and get a pop-up window with an enlarged view of that image), you can turn off the blocker at any time or you can allow pop-ups temporarily or only allow them from certain websites.

Macintosh computers also have to have worries about Mac Spyware. It is not as bad currently as it is for Windows computers however users can protect themselves with MacScan, a program that isolates and removes spyware.

McAfee AntiSpyware is a spyware blocker that prevents your computer from spyware installations. The cost for this spyware blocker is between $30 and $50, and you can either download it or have it physically shipped to you. Some of the features of this product are that it sends automatic alerts if spyware materials are attempting to invade the computer, it comes with several scanning mechanisms, it comes along with one year of automatic updates, and it has an extensive detection database. Another reliable name is Spybot Search & Destroy – their immunize feature acts as a spyware blocker, and this program is free.

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