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Internet Privacy Protection: Good Spyware Checkers

If you suspect that your computer is under siege by the malicious hand of spyware and adware programs, you should look into spyware checker programs. Spyware checkers allow you to scan your computer for suspect spy material, programs, and installations. One sure sign that you need a spyware checker program is that you are relentlessly bombarded by pop-up advertisements every time you open your web browser – and if you are getting pop-ups on you’re screen when you aren’t even using the internet, you are also definitely in desperate need of a spyware scan. There are several programs on the market that are designed to help you check for, remove, and prevent the infiltration of spyware and adware programs.

Ad-Aware is one of the most popular spyware checker programs. They are an industry leader, and they have come up with several applications that can help to keep your computer spyware-free. Their scanning system is able to scan all modules loaded by a process, and it is even able to scan for known and unknown possible browser-hijackers. Ad-Aware can scan Cabinet files and even spanned archives. The Ad-Aware Personal edition is completely free, and it’s definitely worth having. After you run the scan, a list will be generated of the suspect finding. Be sure to review the list before deleting everything that the spyware checker returns in case there are some items that you actually don’t want to delete.

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Spybot Search & Destroy is another reputable spyware checker. Spybot Search & Destroy does exactly what its name implies – it searches your computer for spyware and adware materials, and it gives you the opportunity to review the list of suspect material and then destroy it (remove it). If you have noticed new toolbars in internet explorer, if your start/homepage for your browser has suddenly changed or your browser is frequently crashing, chances are that spyware is at the root of the problems, and you should definitely use a spyware checker like Spybot to verify your suspicions and eliminate the toxic material from your system. Spybot can even permanently block known spyware ActiveX downloads and known tracking cookies. And not to worry – Spybot Search & Destroy is 100% free!

Spyware checkers can be very helpful, but you also have to remember to check yourself! Don’t be manipulated by pop-up ads; don’t click on ActiveX controls, don’t install programs from people or sites that aren’t reputable and trustworthy, and don’t ever install anything without first carefully reading the End User License Agreement. The internet is a powerful tool, but users have to remember that there is a bad side to it as well, and they have to be guarded and cautious.

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