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Spyware Combated with Legislation

Spyware legislation is moving to the front of people's interest and concern due to the growing problems associated with spyware. Computers are extremely helpful and efficient, enabling people to complete their responsibilities, obligations, and communications with greater ease, but there are problems associated with them, as well. Viruses, spyware, and security issues all create serious problems for computer users, especially those who use computers for private information transmission or important personal or company business. When a computer begins to experience problems related to any of the above mentioned concerns, people can find themselves with lost data, stolen identities, crashed computers, and more. Spyware legislation is attempting to protect the rights of computer users and their privacy, making it safe and hassle-free to use computers.

Spyware Legislation Protects Computer Users

Spyware legislation is becoming more and more necessary because of the increasing problems associated with spyware. Spyware refers to programs that are downloaded on a computer system in order to enable that person to view a particular site. However, the problem is that this spyware can track personal computer usage data and even cause problems with the computer's proper functioning. Although there are some types of spyware that are not intended to cause problems, there are others that are malicious and designed to infect computer systems.

One of the problems associated with spyware is that computer users are usually unaware that anything is being downloaded onto their computers because the process happens automatically and requires no consent from the computer user. As a result, many people have no idea how many spyware programs they currently have on their computers until a problem occurs. Another problem associated with spyware is the difficulty involved in removing it. Even if users are aware that the spyware exists on their computers, it is often very hard to remove it because there are no instructions and it is not listed among the other computer programs.

Due to the concern over greater security when using computer technology, some senators are really pushing anti-spyware legislation, hoping to pass it in order to protect computer users better. The legislation is called Software Principles Yielding Better Levels of Consumer Knowledge (SPYBLOCK) and works on three levels to help computer users combat the invasion of spyware. First, it requires all sites to clearly inform the computer user that software needs to be installed to view the site, requiring expressed consent to proceed. Second, it would require the spyware to be easily removed, accompanied by directions explaining how the spyware can be deleted. Third, all harmful spyware would be completely prohibited.

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