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Viewpoint Media Player: Spyware or Not?

Spyware viewpoint is one particular example of spyware that infects computers and collects information. Spyware can be downloaded onto computers when certain sites are visited, and computer users generally have no knowledge that the process is occurring. Although not all spyware is harmful or malicious, there are those spywares that collect and distribute personal information and others that can cause problems with your computer, such as frequent crashes, slower functioning, and file mutations or additions. Spyware is becoming such a concern among computer users and experts that senators are now trying to pass anti-spyware legislation designed to prohibit harmful spyware and require other spyware programs to make their presence known to computer users and receive consent before installing themselves.

Spyware Viewpoint: The Debate

There is currently a debate over the spyware Viewpoint because many people argue that it is not actually spyware. This file shows up in the c:\program files\viewpoint media player. The problem with this particular file or program is that it is often installed without the computer user's consent and many computer users do not how it got there. This occurrence completely contradicts the privacy policy of the viewpoint media player as found on their website that says that computer user consent is required for installation.

This privacy policy also states that "At no time will we collect and store your personal information, nor will we request that you give us permission to do so." Later in the privacy policy, however, it is mentioned that the Viewpoint media player will collect certain user interaction to better update and maintain its products and services. Upon installation of the viewpoint media player, the computer is given a specialized number identifying it for these purposes, but this number is not associated with the computer user's information in any way. This is one reason why the debate about spyware viewpoint exists. It does collect information, but it claims that it is not associated with personal information.

Although it may be true that the spyware viewpoint media player itself will not download anything to your computer without consent, one problem with this "spyware" is that it is downloaded as a package with other downloads. These include a number of OEMs including, AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, Netscape 7, HP/Compaq, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Sony. If you have any of these on your computer, it is worth your time to check and see if you have the viewpoint program file.

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